If you’re a fan of the anime series Tokyo Revengers, then you might be wondering what you didn’t know about the character Mikey. Well, in this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Him. From his backstory to his relationships with other characters, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Mikey in Tokyo Revengers. So read on and learn something new!

1. Fans Aren’t Interested In Dating Him Despite His Popularity!
Japan enjoys conducting surveys to determine which anime characters are the most popular with viewers and which ones still have a ways to go. Even though Takemichi is the series’ protagonist and Mikey is effectively the face of Tokyo Revengers, Mikey is the worst boyfriend throughout the entire run of the show. As if that weren’t bad enough, he was also the second-worst husband out of the top three!

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Mikey may be the Tokyo Revengers fandom’s heartthrob, but they know to adore him from a distance since he can occasionally be a bit of a bother.

2. He Doesn’t Like Spicy Cuisine
It’s accurate to say that Mikey is occasionally described as “childish” or “childlike” by his buddies! Even in terms of food preferences, Mikey is charming in a youthful way. Like many kids, Mikey also has a sweet tooth but detests hot food.

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Along with his favorite dorayaki and teriyaki, Mikey also adores the traditional food known as omurice, which is basically an omelet and fried rice that is typically served with ketchup. In addition to not having any spicy accompaniments, omurice is well-known for being a favorite dish among Japanese kids.

3. A Meaningful Translation Of His Name
Mikey’s name has a deep significance and isn’t only there to enhance his image as a nice man. The meanings of Mikey’s first name, Manjiro, include “ten thousand” (man), “next” (ji), and “son” (ro). This possibly alludes to his extraordinary strength and the fact that he has the combined might of several men. Meanwhile, his nickname Mikey, which again alludes to his position as the unstoppable member of Toman, essentially translates to “who is like God.”

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His surname name Sano means “help” or “assistance” in Japanese and “field, wilderness” in English (no). This could be a reference to Mikey’s wild and erratic side and the fact that, despite his raw power, Mikey still needs the help and support of his close friends when facing challenges.

4. He Is A Rather Skilled Motorcycle Mechanic
Mikey is skilled not only in riding motorcycles but also in repairing and putting them together. Mikey and his older brother Shinichiro were close growing up. Shinichiro had his own bicycle business, S.S. MOTOR, and was a master mechanic.

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Mikey spent a lot of time with his brother in their bike shop, where it appears that he eventually learned all the best motorbike maintenance techniques. After spending enough time in his older brother’s workshop, Mikey was able to tune, put together, and mend bikes on his own.

5. He Is Capable Of Falling Asleep Almost Anywhere
Mikey appears to have a demanding day ahead of him, filled with classes, organizing meetings, and potential fights for his buddies. Anyone would be curious as to how he manages to keep up with such a demanding schedule! The incredibly straightforward explanation is that Mikey utilizes any and every occasion to grab some shut-eye.

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In addition to being unbeatable on the battlefield, Mikey also possesses the unsettling ability to doze off almost anyplace. Draken has to wake Mikey up in the mornings so that he can go to school, where he “charges” through all of his classes while sleeping. He eats at the school’s lunch counter and then has another nap during the break. After after, Mikey and Draken ride their motorcycles around town and take care of any Toman business until late at night before Mikey goes to bed and begins his strange cycle all over again.

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