Everyone has experienced the feeling of wanting to do good things yet being too timid to take action. Well, these admirable friendship couples in Tokyo Revengers anime have inspired us to be more kind – even if it’s just a little bit. We’ve learned from following their story’s development that, given the right motivation and teamwork, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

1. Mikey and Draken Couple
Beyond a sibling bond, Mikey and Draken had something special. They were frequently spotted together and never apart from one another. Draken was always ready to risk his life for Mikey and vice versa. In other ways, they kept each other in check as well.

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However, this relationship will undoubtedly change as a result of Takemichi’s ultimate time leap. Given that Takemichi and Draken together make up Toman, he appears to have nearly taken Draken’s place and is undoubtedly the closest to him.

2. Takemichi and Chifuyu Couple
Chifuyu and Takemichi weren’t close pals at first. They did, however, become close friends as the story went on. Before and during the Bloody Halloween conflict, Takemichi assisted Chifuyu, and the latter gave him credit by giving him additional authority in Toman as payment.

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All of this, however, is forgotten with the last time skip. The two’s former friendship will no longer be the same as it once was.

3. Takemichi and Emma Sano Couple
The younger sister of Mikey and Draken’s love interest was named Emma. She developed feelings for Draken even though she never dated him. In the narrative, she uses Takemichi’s name in an effort to enrage Draken.

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She did, however, prove to be a helpful and encouraging friend. She told Takemichi about the argument between Mikey and Draken, allowed him to see her vulnerability, and even placed the biggest wager on his victory over Kiyomasa.

The chronology reset in Tokyo Revengers, though, makes it highly probable that Takemichi and Emma won’t have a relationship like that any longer.

4. Takemichi and Naoto Tachibana Couple
Naoto played a significant role in Tokyo Revengers. He acted as the catalyst for Takemichi’s time travels to and from. When Takemichi first encountered Naoto, he predicted his demise to the young kid. Because of this, he eventually joined forces with Takemichi as a police officer. He was Hinata’s brother and wanted to do everything he needed to save his sister, much like our protagonist.

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However, there will be no such bond between the two in Tokyo Revengers’ new chronology. He may have introduced them, given that he is Hinata’s brother, but it is quite improbable that they are as close.

5. Takemichi and Takashi Mitsuya Couple
When Mitsuya and Takemichi attempted to stop Moebius, Kiyomasa, and Peh from harming Draken, they grew close. Takemichi was a member of the Division led by Mitsuya when he later joined Toman. As a result, they cooperated and strengthened their bond.

Takemichi and Takashi Mitsuya - Tokyo Revengers Shop

There is no circumstance where Mitsuya could serve as his captain or even where the two work together to safeguard Draken because Takemichi rewrote the timeline in Tokyo Revengers and joined as a founding member. This means that another Tokyo Revengers friendship will no longer be the same.

These relationships are something to be admired, and we hope that our blog has given you some insights into what makes this type of friendship so special. Thank you for reading! Follow us!