If you’re a fan of Tokyo Revengers, then you know there are some amazing female characters in the series so far. Here, we’ve compiled the top 5 most popular female characters from Tokyo Revengers based on how many votes they received on our poll!

1. Kawaragi Senju Character
One of the three deities and the former leader of The Brahman Gang is Kawaragi Senju. Mikey and The Kanto Manji were gonna be defeated by Brahman. Later, Senju joins the Tokyo Manji Gang’s second generation and is promoted to Captain of the fifth division.

Young Senju has short, pale pink hair, green eyes, and low stature. She strongly resembles her older brother and has noticeable eyelashes. All of Senju’s uniforms have a Sarashi below them.

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She is a morally sound person with poise and composure. She is skilled at navigating her team’s successes and setbacks while maintaining team spirit.

Senju is also depicted as being immature with the individuals she feels most at ease with. She is the most well-liked character in the Tokyo Revengers series as a result of all these attributes.

2. Hinata Tachibana Character
Takemichi’s girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, is essentially the cause of his time-jumping behavior. Hinata Tachibana is seen as friendly, upbeat, and skilled at calming others down.

She is also frequently seen to be sticking up for what is right, despite how formidable the opposition may be. She has pinkish-orange hair, coral eyes, and a mole on her left side, just below her lips.

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She is frequently complimented on her appearance, which is considered attractive. Hinata frequently admires people who defend right against wrong. She fell in love with Takemichi for this quality.

3. Emma Sano Character
Manjiro Sano, sometimes known as Mikey, has a younger sister named Emma. Both Draken and his brother adore Emma, who is also their sweetheart. The readers find her to be sweet and adorable, and other people frequently concur.

She plainly adores Draken. Therefore she frequently tries to get his attention. Izana Kurokawa’s adoptive sister is Emma. Emma is small and has a nicely developed feminine shape.

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She frequently displays juvenile behavior around Draken in an effort to get his attention. Emma is Tokyo Revengers’ third-most popular female character because of her lovely manga moments.

4. Yuzuha Shiba Character
Taiju Shiba and Hakkai Shiba’s sisters, Yuzuha and Hakkai, respectively, are younger and older. Yuzuha has been shown as both a strong adult who stands hard for what is right and as a young girl with a somber resolve to protect her younger brother Hakkai.

She is depicted as a petite, skinny girl. Like her older brother Hakkai, Taiju also mistreated her. To defend Hakkai, Yuzuha continued to oppose Taiju consistently.

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She is willing to kill Taiju in order to seek revenge for their sad lives because she is so committed to her little brother. She is the reader’s favorite because of her understated kindness and her steadfast commitment to upholding moral principles.

5. Akane Inui Character
Seishu Inui’s older sister is Akane Inui. The manga also revealed Kokonoi Hajime to be in love with him. Akane had huge, soft eyes and light, shoulder-length hair. She typically wore a button-down shirt, jeans, and socks as part of her black and white school uniform. She matched the pattern of the bow tie she was wearing.

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Hajime Kokonoi liked her because she resembled her brother Seishu Inui in appearance. Seishu Inui, Akane’s brother, and Hajime Kokonoi, his boyhood buddy, were people Akane frequently spent time with.

She would frequently urge Inupi to behave nicely and helpfully because she was her older sister, but Inupi would frequently disobey her.

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