Which Tokyo Revengers character is your favorite? Who would make the cut if you were to compile a list of the top five heroes in this incredibly popular new anime series? Well, we’re here to help you figure it out. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at each of the main characters and tell you which one we think is the strongest. So who is your favorite character in Tokyo Revengers? Let’s read below!

1. Manjiro Sano Character
It shouldn’t surprise you at all that Mikey topped the list. He is referred to as “Invincible Mikey” with good reason because no opponent has a chance against him. Even Mikey’s closest friend, Draken, finds himself powerless to stop Mikey when he becomes serious in a battle.

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In the majority of his battles, Mikey’s distinctive kick is sufficient to finish the opponent. Mikey headbutted his adversary after he had been struck with a rod several times. He took down both enemies by lifting the one who was clinging onto his leg and striking the other with the same leg. Mikey was not able to be defeated even by the combined strikes of Draken, Peh-yan, Chifuyu, and Mitsuya.

2. Ken Ryuguji Character
In Tokyo Revengers, Ken Ryuguyi, also known as Draken, ranks second among the strongest characters. He is the vice president of the gang and one of Toman’s original members. Draken is unquestionably the Toman’s member with the most common sense. He doesn’t want to show his loved ones love, yet he would do anything for their welfare.

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Draken has survived numerous life-threatening injuries, such as a deep knife wound and a devastating blow with a metal rod, yet nothing has stopped him from becoming a monster when attacking his opponents. His kicks and punches are powerful enough to knock South Terano to the ground, despite the latter’s enormous size. It feels routine to watch him take down the entire gang by himself now.

3. South Terano Character
The major antagonist of the Three Deities arc and the boss of the Rokuhara Tandai gang was South Terano. He first appears in manga chapter 207, but due to his sadistic nature and tyrannical mentality, he quickly surpasses the popularity of most other characters. He was greatly dreaded by the populace due to his explosive anger and audacity to kill.

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Draken appeared childlike in South’s enormous structure, and his mental ones matched his physical attributes. An average fighter would be defeated by his lone strike. He defeated Senju in a one-on-one battle during the Battle of the Three Deities, but Mikey quickly lost control and made Senju taste dirt.

4. Senju Kawaragi Character
While the story features delicate characters like Hina and Emma, it also introduces us to Senju, a powerhouse of strength and drive. Senju was the head of the Brahman gang and one of the Three Deities of Kanto before he joined the Tokyo Manji Gang. Senju has all the traits necessary to be a successful leader, but she was overthrown by her brother because he intended to lead the gang down a more sinister road.

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Senju is short, but she makes the most of this by being able to move rapidly and fight in an acrobatic way. She almost becomes invincible when she combines her immense power with her fast movements. She was able to maintain her position as the best player in Toman and Brahman, thanks to her incredible strength.

5. Izana Kurokawa Character
Izana may appear to be a frail teenager with a happy disposition, but because of his dark side, he is the most menacing of all the Tokyo Revengers’ characters. He was mentally unstable as a result of the effects of his past, and he was now willing to do everything to further his power.

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The Eighth Generation Black Dragon and Tenjiku’s leader was Izana. No one could question his combat skills, but what makes him a threat is the way he can easily read his opponents’ thoughts and block their assaults. Izana was able to compete with Mikey since he was the strongest man in Tenjiku.

If you’re a fan of the Tokyo Revengers anime series, then you’ll love this blog post about the five strongest characters in the show. Each character has his or her own unique strengths and abilities that make them powerful allies on the battlefield. If you’re looking for an exciting and informative read about one of your favorite anime series, then check out our blog post!